Fark.com’s New Design Thursday, Apr 26 2007 

So Fark redesigned yesterday, much to my dismay. But instead of needlessly whining about how much it sucks and how the admins handled the situation almost as bad as FEMA handled Katrina, I wrote a Greasemonkey script to get rid of the useless right column, and to center the main column (as it was before). WordPress.com won’t let me upload .js files, so I’ll just post the content here:

// ==UserScript==
// @name Fix Fark
// @namespace http://fark.com/
// @description Gets ride of side column and centers main column
// @include http://www.fark.com/*
// @include http://*.fark.com/*
// ==/UserScript==
(function () {


One Year of Yahoo’d del.icio.us Saturday, Dec 9 2006 

Exactly one year ago today, one of my favourite websites and a mighty useful one, del.icio.us was purchased by Yahoo. What’s happened in the year since then?

Well, my early fears regarding this acquisition do not seem to have come true. When the deal was originally announced, I wrote “I’m 25% happy and 75% worried about this.” My worries obviously were a little overblown. My main concern was that Yahoo would consume del.icio.us and make it no longer an independent website, but a complete facet of Yahoo, much like Geocities. Now look at the front page. If you’d never heard of del.icio.us, could you tell it was owned by Yahoo?

I still use del.icio.us and am really happy it exists. Forget second-rate competitors. Long live del.icio.us!

Measuring the Speed of Memes Tuesday, Nov 28 2006 

It looks like some graduate student is trying to measure how fast a meme travels. You have to link to the post I just did, and then ping Technorati. Which is exactly what I’m doing.

To my readers, if you could do the same, that’d be awesome.

On QuirksMode Monday, Nov 27 2006 

I like Peter-Paul Koch. Great guy. Wish there were more people with as much JavaScript and browser knowledge out there. But I simply can’t stand his new design of QuirksMode.

The old design was much, much better. Sure, it used frames but goddammit it worked! If he had maybe opted to use Server-Side includes instead of frames, or maybe some XMLHTTPRequest script thingy to load the menus for the subdivisions of his site, he could’ve kept his old design. If you’ve ever visited the old QuirksMode, you know what I mean. The old design was brilliant. Even the colour scheme was pretty good for a self-described non-designer.

The new serif-heavy design is just plain ugly compared to the old one. Can I at least get some Lucida Grande? I know asking PPK to change the design is a waste of my breath, but will you at least consider bringing all the fake browser quotes back? And maybe configuring your site so that I don’t have to type www.?


Every Radio Station Should Have This Tuesday, Nov 21 2006 

This must have happened to you, and it happened to me today: I heard a song on the radio, really liked it, but didn’t know what it was. The radio station in question is the Bay Area’s 95.7 (which has gone from techno to classic rock to country over the past few years and is now “70s, 80s and Whatever we feel like”). I went to 95.7’s website, and found a page called “What Was That Song“. Sure enough, I found the song I was looking for (“Promises, promises” by Naked Eyes) by putting in the date and approximate time I heard it.

Every radio station’s website should have this. Period.

Annoying Firefox 2.0 Bug/Feature Wednesday, Oct 25 2006 

So I just got Firefox 2.0, and noticed the bookmarks position goes back to the top (i.e., if you scroll through a bookmarks folder it’ll always be at the top instead of where it was when you last opened the folder again). If this is a feature not a bug, I’ll be reverting to 1.5.

I want this fixed NOW, Mozilla. Am I clear? This is incredibly annoying.

Dear Apple Monday, Sep 25 2006 

Dear Apple,

Podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast.

(You guessed it)

Fuck you

On Text and Instant Messaging Wednesday, Aug 9 2006 

Borofsky is on about kids using shorthand in text and instant messaging. Jon views this as a serious problem and offers some advice to parents:

What’s a parent to do, then? I suggest eliminating text messaging from your phone service plan if your student is using a lot of shorthand. Students will be text messaging and instant messaging a lot more than they will be writing formal papers for school, and therefore it is more likely to influence the way they write outside of these avenues of communication.

Is it just me, or does teaching your kids to distinguish between formal and informal English and making sure they knew where to use either of them seem like a better idea?

On Cork’d Sunday, Jun 4 2006 

Is it just me, or is Cork’d simply one of the best designed sites I’ve come across in a long time? I haven’t gotten account (probably because I am sadly not of legal drinking age), so I don’t know about the back-end, but the front-end is absolutely gorgeous. Despite having at least a few of the Web 2.0 stereotypes (Lucida Grande font, drag/drop javascript effects), I find it remarkably unique. Well, maybe not remarkably, but still pretty sweet looking.

Good job Dan and Dan (or should I say Tundro?)

Clean-up Thursday, Apr 27 2006 

Today, I started to read my new items in Bloglines, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, I said “Fuck it”. I deleted all but 4 subscriptions (there were 82; at one point there had been as many as 120) but saved a backup OPML file in case I change my mind.

I guess you could say I pulled a Merlin. You could also say I “retired from the Blogosphere”. I call it gaining back my time.

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