Show of Hands Saturday, Jan 20 2007 

How many people like Grissom’s replacement on CSI? I think he’s OK, but there’s no one quite like Grissom.

CSI: “Toe Tags” Sunday, Oct 8 2006 

[Note: The following contains spoilers]

After watching Thursday’s episode of CSI all I can say is “wow”. It was a bit unlike anything CSI had ever done before. In fact, it reminded me more of a traditional Symphony than a TV show. It had four separate movements, loosely bound by a central theme (teaching University students and talking bodies). I disliked the whole “corpses talking to each other” motif. I thought it was a bit to surreal for a normally very real show.

The first chapter (or “movement”) was just like a normal episode of CSI condensed into about 12 minutes. However, I thought it a bit uninspired. But it was rather tame compared to the other 3 movements.

The second, third, and fourth movements were all rather gory. A girl loses her brain after being pushed off a cliff, a guy gets randomly stabbed in front of his family, and the most gory of all two guys die in a chainsaw accident.

And why was there no mention of what happened to Catherine’s dad in this episode? Although the pain Catherine suffered in the last episode is mentioned briefly in the first movement, I wanted so badly a followup to last week’s events, not a series of vignettes.

Am I dissapointed? Yes. Am I also pleasantly suprised? You betcha.


CSI Season Premiere Friday, Sep 22 2006 

Anyone here catch the season premiere of CSI (the original and best of course) last night? No mention of Google, though. From the looks of it, there are so many questions to be answered; about Grissom and Sarah, and Catherine, and I just can’t wait for part 2 next week.

It looks to be a great season.

Sweet Zombie Jesus Friday, Aug 18 2006 

Ok, this is seriously pissing me off and ruining a good show. Tell me why why why is the “Jesus” part of Professor Farnsworth’s (from Futurama) expression “Sweet Zombie Jesus” blocked on Adult Swim?

Kindly give me a motherfucking break.

CSI and…MySpace? Thursday, Mar 30 2006 

CSI just plugged Myspace on the latest episode.

This is getting out of hand. First Google, then MySpace, now what, Flickr?

CSI and Google, Round 4 Friday, Feb 3 2006 

On CSI last night, it showed the killer googling ‘clayton nash‘. Of course the results were different on the show than in real life, but this is still another interesting episode in the whole CSI/Google product placement saga.

CSI and Google, Round 3 Friday, Jan 6 2006 

Regular readers of Superlicious know what big fans we are of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the Las Vegas one only). In fact, it’s our second favourite TV show, right behind the Simpsons.

We’ve been watching CSI since Season One and recently have noticed Google being mentioned in CSI Episodes, and have written about this before (see “CSI Plugs Google Again” and our post about another Gmail addresses mentioned on CSI (which didn’t work).

Which brings us to last night’s episode (which was kinda fucking weird, by the way) where it mentioned two Gmail addresses, and another I can’t quite remember (please leave a comment if you know). We sent an email to casinoDan and haven’t heard back yet.

CSI never explicitly mentions Google, but that’s the great thing. Product placement at its best.

CSI Plugs Google Again! Friday, Dec 9 2005 

If you watched CSI last night you probably noticed that the lab used Google’s Image Search to find an image of the “kidnapped” boy (though the actual image search doesn’t give the results it showed on TV [Link possibly NSFW]). It clearly showed Google’s homepage and a typical Google Image result page. Is there some kind of agreement between CBS and Google?

Previously on Superlicious: my entry about a Gmail address mentioned on CSI.

(Oh, and did you hear was acquired by Yahoo?) doesn’t work Friday, Oct 7 2005 

The email account mentioned on CSI last night ( doesn’t work; I just tried and got a “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:” error message. I wonder how many people have tried that address…

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