Slippery Slope Monday, Mar 5 2007 

Next person to use this phrase gets punched in the face. I am so tired of hearing people use this bit of rhetoric to connect two unrelated things. I’m surprised more don’t call bullshit on other people using this. “It’s a slippery slope; if we allow stem cell research we might end up killing people’s babies for their cells”. This is the kind of crap I am talking about.

Sorry. I just thought I should mention this. When you hear this phrase, set your bullshit detectors to “stun”. Let people know what’s wrong with this phrase, and use a ridiculous example to illustrate your point.


The F-Line: Form over Function Thursday, Feb 1 2007 

I rode the MUNI F-Line for the first time today. I’ve heard a bunch of people saying how great it was to have old streetcars running again, and keeping San Francisco history alive.

Now I love history, but there’s a reason these old streetcars went out of style: They just plain suck. If you’ve been stuck behind one before, you know what I mean. They run way too slowly for a downtown San Francisco street, much less the busiest street of them all (Market).

The fact that Market Street already has the MUNI Metro makes the line even more superfluous. This is what happens when people put form over function. The cars are nice to look at, but are simply not practical. Let’s leave them to the Embarcadero and off the busy downtown streets.

Zappa expelled from iTunes Store? Sunday, Dec 3 2006 

One year ago, the iTunes Store (or as it was then known, “The iTunes Music Store”) had a vast collection of Zappa’s work. I bought many songs, such as “Catholic Girls” and “Peaches en Regalia”. Now, all of the previous extensive Zappa collection has been removed (at least for the U.S. store). And frankly (no pun intended), I’m pissed.

This was one of iTunes greatest collections. Zappa released over 60 albums in his short life (in fact, the 13th anniversary of his death is tomorrow). I’m sure Apple was making good money from this collection, so I’m led to believe it wasn’t their choice. Maybe it was Zappa’s lyrics that prompted someone to complain to iTunes?

I demand an explanation, Apple!

Annoying Firefox 2.0 Bug/Feature Wednesday, Oct 25 2006 

So I just got Firefox 2.0, and noticed the bookmarks position goes back to the top (i.e., if you scroll through a bookmarks folder it’ll always be at the top instead of where it was when you last opened the folder again). If this is a feature not a bug, I’ll be reverting to 1.5.

I want this fixed NOW, Mozilla. Am I clear? This is incredibly annoying.

Dear Apple Monday, Sep 25 2006 

Dear Apple,

Podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast.

(You guessed it)

Fuck you

Pluto no longer an official planet Thursday, Aug 24 2006 

A lot of people seem concerned, even angered over this decision by the IAU. “Save Pluto!” some people cried out.

Are these fucking people kidding me? I’m sorry, it just doesn’t bother me that much. I have bigger news items to worry about. Like this, for instance.

On Tolerating Religion Sunday, May 7 2006 

Go over to and and read this article. Then ask yourself “Hey, should a modern 21st Century country like America tolerate irrational religious belief?”

If your answer isn’t no, perhaps you should find a country that agrees with you where you’ll feel more cormfortable. Like The Islamic Republican of Iran. We need to treat these people as what they are: irrational. If someone denies Evolution, treat them as if they were denying the Holocaust or the Kennedy Assassination. For example,

“Parents should have the choice. There are those who would say, ‘We can provide a better, healthier alternative than the vaccine, and that is to teach abstinence,’ ” Rudd said.

I take it Rudd hasn’t read this. Abstinence is not practical. Of course no amount of evidence will convince these people otherwise. Who needs evidence when you have the Bible?

I mean, after September 11th I thought America would’ve stopped pandering to religion and favouring it over no religion.

It would seem as though the exact opposite happened.

On Ma.gnolia Monday, Mar 20 2006 

Is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of Zeldman shoving Ma.gnolia down his readers’ throats every chance he gets?

The way I see it, there are several fundamental problems with Ma.gnolia. Well, actually only one: they’re reinventing the wheel. I enjoy It has a community of 30,000+ users. Sure, Ma.gnolia’s website looks nice, and it has some cool features, but it’s still not convincing me to switch.

And another thing, it’s URL scheme is rather daft. Why do they need that dot after the ‘a’? Is it just more ipping off of

Shame Tuesday, Jan 24 2006 

I found a new blog whilst doing my duty as a citizen of the blogosphere by voting in the Bloggies, when I came across a blog entitled “The Political Teen“. Just a read a few of the entries on the front page.

One has to wonder if the writer (purportedly a teen) is angry or just stupid (possibly both). If he’s angry, I can dig that; perhaps he’s been raised in babyjesusland Alabama and has discovered that troublesome rest of the world. If not, then I belong to possibly the stupidest generation of people in the modern world. People born between 1987 and 1992 in America. I was born in San Francisco in 1990.

Is it any wonder I’m ashamed to say I was born in this country? Why do you think I use spellings like “whilst”, “favourite” and “colour”?

Call me anti-american all you want. I enjoy it. Know why? Because I am.

In conclusion Mr. Political Teen can shove a sock down his throat if he thinks people who don’t support the troops should have their asses kicked, or if that saying something as trivial as “I think we should get out [of Iraq] now” constitutes “liberal bias”.

Ain’t parsers a slice? Tuesday, Jan 17 2006 

So I’m building a new RSS/Atom parser in PHP from scratch, using PHP’s DOM Functions, right? And I cannot read out the contents of the first link tag in the document. As you know, after the channel tag, comes <title>, <link>, and <description>. Title and description are totally fine; no bugs. But for some strange reason I just cannot get that link tag.

Perhaps I should upgrade from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2.

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