Zappa expelled from iTunes Store? Sunday, Dec 3 2006 

One year ago, the iTunes Store (or as it was then known, “The iTunes Music Store”) had a vast collection of Zappa’s work. I bought many songs, such as “Catholic Girls” and “Peaches en Regalia”. Now, all of the previous extensive Zappa collection has been removed (at least for the U.S. store). And frankly (no pun intended), I’m pissed.

This was one of iTunes greatest collections. Zappa released over 60 albums in his short life (in fact, the 13th anniversary of his death is tomorrow). I’m sure Apple was making good money from this collection, so I’m led to believe it wasn’t their choice. Maybe it was Zappa’s lyrics that prompted someone to complain to iTunes?

I demand an explanation, Apple!


Underrated Artists, Part II Monday, Nov 6 2006 

In the first installment of this series we covered a soul/funk/disco band. This time, I present to you a good old-fashioned 70s rock band, Dr. Hook.

Dr. Hook’s music was mostly country rock/pop, sort of like The Eagles (though not as good, because very few groups are better than The Eagles, of course). Their biggest songs were “Cover of the Rolling Stone”, “When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman” and “Sylvia’s Mother”. Like our last group, they could be a little quirky at times (witness “The Millionaire”) but they had strong melodies.

My personal favourite from them is actually a disco-sounding tune called “Sexy Eyes” (the video for which can be seen here). Go check it out. You won’t be dissapointed.

Underrated Artists, Part I Thursday, Oct 26 2006 

I don’t talk about music nearly as much as I could on this blog, so hopefully this new series will bring the music fans out of the woodwork.

The first band in this series is new to me. I discovered them just about a month ago. They were most active in the 80s. The band I am talking about is, of course, Was (Not Was. Weird name, great music.

The music they played was a mix of soul, funk disco-sounding tunes, with odd lyrics. Their front men were seasoned soul singers, and the brains behind the group were two Jewish guys from Detroit, David and Don Was. Their biggest single was “Walk the Dinosaur” (#7 US) from their 1988 Smash album What up, Dog?. Other favourite songs from this album include “Anything Can Happen” and “Somewhere in America There’s a Street Named After My Dad”.

A taste of their lyrics from “Anything Can Happen”:

She took me in her bedroom to show me her computer
She asked me if I liked it I told her she was cuter
She talked about her father said he never really liked her
She told me she’d been married to a schizophrenic biker

(By the way, it’s Thursday and you know what that means!)

Happy 108th, George Tuesday, Sep 26 2006 

George Gershwin

George Gershwin (September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937)

The River of Dreams Monday, Aug 14 2006 

Found this on YouTube and just had to share it. Enjoy Billy Joel’s “The River of Dreams”.

(I could not, no matter how I tried, get’s YouTube embedding to work. What’s up with that?)

4:20 Songs Friday, Aug 4 2006 

The following songs from my iTunes music library have a length of exactly 4:20.

  • Peaceful Easy Feeling (The Eagles)
  • Smokin’ (Boston)
  • Don’t you forget about me (Simple Minds)
  • Goodbye (Alicia Keys)
  • Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)
  • I’ve got friends in low places (Garth Brooks)

Obviously, “Smokin'” by Boston is 4:20 in length on purpose. I also suspect the same for “I’ve got friends in low places” since it contains the lyric “I’ll be as high as that ivory tower/That you’re living in”. I think the rest (save for maybe “Solsbury Hill”) can be chalked up to coincidence.

No More CDS Saturday, Feb 18 2006 

In light of more ridiculous crap from the RIAA, I will no longer buy ANY CDs. If I want music, I’ll get if from one of three places:

  • The Web (using search engines)
  • iTunes Music Store
  • FrostWire

Fuck you, you corporate money-hungry bastards.

Yours Truly at Superlicious

Custom iTunes Fields? Monday, Dec 12 2005 

Is it possible to get custom ID3 tags in iTunes? I want to have a special field for whatever Musical Key the song is in, in addition to the usual title/artist/genre etc.

Greased Lightning Saturday, Nov 12 2005 

You know, I never realised how dirty the lyrics of Greased Lightning were until today.

‘Talkin Odeo Friends Only Blues’ Friday, Nov 11 2005 

The unofficial chords to Merlin Mann’s ‘Talkin Odeo Friends Only Blues’, that I got by listening to it:

'Talkin Odeo Friends Only Blues'
Merlin Mann

Intro: F#dim

Odeo, Odeo
Friends around our show-deo
G            D       (Dsus2)
Odeo, Odeo-o-o


Em        D
Odeo, Odeo
Em             D D/C D/B (descending baseline)
Odeo, Ode-ahhh-o

(Repeat first verse)

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