Browsers Not Sending POSTDATA Saturday, Dec 31 2005 

This is one of those bizarre kind of bugs that pop up in browsers. An upside to them is that they remind us that no browser is perfect. This problem was so frustrating that it prompted me to release FeedFrenzy in its Alpha stage. Anyway, a funny thing happened to me on the way to creating a login script. That is, when I chose “Remember this password”, logged out, and tried to log back in, I couldn’t. When I changed the two form fields to something else I knew wasn’t valid, the POSTDATA was sent. BUT when I changed it to the right name/password combo, no POSTDATA was sent by Firefox to the server. The same thing happened with IE6. And Opera. Ain’t browsers a slice?

A solution has yet to be found. I tried adding an onsubmit event handler to the form, which as far as the client is concered, is being submitted.

Google gave me nothing. Does anyone out there know? Anyone?


FeedFrenzy Alpha Release Thursday, Dec 29 2005 

I am ready to release an alpha version of FeedFrenzy, my own aggregator, to the world. It’s not finished. It has a few bugs. But god damnit I’m going to release it. The reason is, that earlier today, I became really frustrated with a login feature (which isn’t essential at this point anyway) I was trying to implement and said “FUCK!! WHY IS MYSQL SO FUCKING DIFFICULT?” (more on this later). I know that the community can do a better job than I can. Such is why I am releasing it to anyone who wants it. Since no longer lets me upload .zip files (fuck you to whoever had that idea, by the way) I will give it to anyone who wants it via email. Send an email to with ‘FeedFrenzy’ in the Subject. If you make any real changes to it, let me know and send me the source code as an attatchment.

FeedFrenzy has a basic plugin architecture that currently has only one plugin (for displaying weather). To enable it you need to rename it to ‘weather.php’ and get an API key from

I don’t know if anyone (Krijn? Mathias? Rob?) will be interested or not, but here’s to giving up on something and letting someone else fix it.

UPDATE: I am converting everything to SQLite. Make sure you have this installed if you are going to run FeedFrenzy.

FeedFrenzy: The Wiki Tuesday, Dec 20 2005 

Instead of a Status Report, I’m linking you to the FeedFrenzy Wiki (which I just started) which will become an athenaeum for this Weblication. I’m hoping to get a beta version out very soon, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely, up to my head in bugs in the front end and back end.


FeedFrenzy Status Report Tuesday, Dec 13 2005 

This week is important, as FeedFrenzy is officially Alpha Software. We’re heading towards Beta. However, unlike some companies, Beta testing will not last for a few years even though the product is finished. Hopefully, at most, it will last a few months.

Goals for this week:

  1. Apply Fitt’s Law to Feed Items
  2. Add Atom support (0.3 and 1.0)*
  3. Trim CSS and JS code
  4. Fix little bugs with Updating Options and New Feeds, etc
  5. Add scriptaculous effects [this will probably have to wait until later]

* If you’re using 0.3 please upgrade. It is obsolete. Hell, I’d like to see Atom itself thrown out the window, but if you’re going to use it at the very least use the current version. Please? For me?

FeedFrenzy Status Report Wednesday, Dec 7 2005 

This post is a little late, because on Sunday I tried to upgrade to PHP 5.1.1, but totally screwed it up. Note to self: always get zip package of PHP download, not installer. Anyway, I got everything worked out and fixed all of the major snags I was hitting. This puts FeedFrenzy into ‘Alpha’ status.

Goals for this week:

  • Get gzinflate to stop giving me a buffer error
  • Fix JavaScript for Front-end
  • Fix the ‘Add Feed’ functionality
  • Finish search feed support (i.e, Conditional Get)

FeedFrenzy Status Report Sunday, Nov 27 2005 

(These type of posts will appear here every Sunday for a few weeks. These are a way of helping me define goals for this project, as well as overall GTD. If you are good at PHP and want to submit a few ideas and/or tips, please please please do so).

Goals for November 27, 2005

  • Figure out why gzuncompress gives a data error
  • Try to avoid crap before and after the HTTP content (WTF is this anyway?)
  • Figure out why’s feed is so fucked up (bad charset?)
  • Work on getting static .xml feeds to display 304 codes
  • Polish off redirect support

UPDATE: If you help me solve any of these problems, you’ll get a invite. Yeah, I know that is currently opened up to everone, but…you know…in case it closes again.