On the Raving Atheist Saturday, Apr 15 2006 

I don’t think The Raving Atheist is really anti-choice; rather, I think he’s just an atheist trying to deconvert people from Christianity to Atheism and showing that atheism does not require giving up morals.

Call me a conspiracy theorist…


Carnival of the Godless #33 Sunday, Feb 5 2006 

Superlicious is proud to present the Carnival of the Godless #33. Filmed in front of a live studio audience. The entries are shown below, in more or less the order in which I received them.

The Radical Libertarian: Religious Slave Chains By Fran├žois Tremblay

Even though slavery is over in most parts of the world, there are still millions still wearing slave chains around the world, even in Western Civilization. They are just chains of a different kind of slavery, not political, but religious. And they give rise to social controversy.

Sixteen Volts Per Minute: Bring me the Little Children By Ilkka Kokkarinen

In some countries, religion is taught in schools. This is not always a bad thing.

Revolvo Inritus: Orson Scott Card Disappoints With Intelligent Design Article By Coralius

Orson Scott Card, relatively well-known science fiction / fantasy writer, has written an article lambasting us “Darwinists” for using bad arguments against the poor, defenseless IDiots. The bulk of it is surprising incomprehensible, especially considering his relatively crisp work as an SF author. But it becomes clear very early on that he hasn’t done his research. I’d like to deal with his two most egregious mistakes, and then take a quick review of the entire piece of dreck he calls an article.

Atheist Ethicist: A Perspective on Scouting by Alonzo Fyfe

I have learned recently that in the Defense bill that recently passed Congress, there were provisions to require state and local governments to get federal funds to support the Boy Scouts.
For any who do not understand the objections being made against the Boy Scouts, I offer the following story. This may be considered a sequel to “A Perspective on the Pledge” that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable: Unreasonable Belief and the Believers by G. N. G. Tingey

The believers, in all the monotheistic religions, and even that religion-without-a-god, communism, seem to have common characteristics, as do those religions.

All seem to suggest that religion is a very bad idea, and that religions, and especially their believers, will do certain unpleasant things.

The Uncredible Hallq: The Jesus Puzzel by Christopher Hallquist

I’ve just finished reading Earl Doherty’s The Jesus Puzzel, a book that argues that Jesus never existed. This is, in a sense, a continuation of my review of The God Who Wasn’t There.

The Gay Black Jew: The Psychotic Tyrant Wants Plucking and Cutting by Jeff Matheny

Jesus and I both thought that we were the Messiah. Nobody believed me and nobody should believe Jesus either. My eight months of experience as “psychotic Jesus” gives me a perspective on analyzing the words that he supposedly spoke and relating them to symptoms of manic-depression. Once you agree that he must have been psychotic, then he must be considered a supreme tyrant as well. Excercising absolute power cruely and unjustly is actually an understatement considering his threats of eternal hellfire (absolute power exercised very cruely and very unjustly). Bam! He’s Not Your Savior. He’s Your Psychotic Tyrant.

Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist: Conversation with my son(s) #1: Why don’t we go to church? by Frank Johnson

A hypothetical conversation with my older son(s) about why we don’t go to church even though his friends at school do.

The Charlotte Capitalist: Believing and Not Believing in God by Andy Clarkson

There are many types of atheists on the philosophical spectrum. I think it is a mistake for an atheist to declare his or her self primarily as an atheist.

Morpheus: Militant Atheist Declaration

Why do we want to leap in and denounce theist diatribes. Why should we cut in between a group of theists and confront them with our rational, atheistic logic? Many times we are confronted with a plaintive “Why can’t we agree to disagree and respect each others points of view?” I will try to explain my own personal stance here.

Atheist Revolution: The Truth About Atheists: Correcting Misconceptions by vjack

In the third part of this series, I correct two additional misconceptions about atheists raised by Christians.

Uberkuh: The Unsurprising Arrogance of Christians by UberKuh

This is a relatively short post concisely explaining the struggle Christians face between arrogance and humility.

atheism.about.com: Uncertainty vs. Doubt: Criticism and Skepticism as Rebellion by Austin Cline

Are you uncertain about the existence of God? Do you doubt the existence of God? Most people would probably regard the two states as being identical, or at least identical in all of the essentials, but that would be inaccurate. Uncertainty and doubt are surely related, but if we look closely at them we find that they are quite different in the underlying attitudes.

Goosing the Antithesis: War of Morality by François Tremblay

The facts surrounding disbelief were available to all for centuries. The Ancient Greeks knew the Problem of Evil. Thomas Paine wrote about the errors of the Bible. The contradictions inherent in the divine nature given to us by the Church have been pointed out for a long time by atheologians. Neo-Darwinism and Big Bang Theory have blown the beliefs about Creation wide open. While the mythicist case against “Jesus” has recently exploded, it is not new.

That’s all folks! Superlicious did not submit anything specifically for this carnival, but if you’re looking for COTG-esque material you may wanna check out Two Sides of Their Mouths or There’s Something about the Virgin Mary.

If you submitted something but don’t see it here, it may because I overlooked it, but probably because I felt it wasn’t written from a godless perspective. The next Carnival of the Godless will be held over at Goosing the Antithesis on February 19th.

There’s Something About (the Virgin) Mary Monday, Jan 23 2006 

One thing I’ll never for the life of me understand is how when someone close to them dies they feel closer to God. I mean, if you really believe that God exists and controls everything and has a divine plan then he did that. Why didn’t God stop him from dying? Did you not pray hard enough?

Perhaps I am just not meant to understand it. Therefore I request Chris(t) J. Davis to submit and entry for the forthcoming Carnival of the Godless being held here on February 6th.

On Agnosticism Thursday, Jan 19 2006 

What do people mean when they say they are “Agnostic”? Is it a bona fide philosophical position, or just a term used to describe atheism without all the negative connotations of that word?


A Call to Peace in the War on Christmas Thursday, Dec 8 2005 

I’m sure by now many of you have seen this, which formally declares war on Christmas (because we wouldn’t want those pundits to be wrong). I still believe that there really isn’t a war on Christmas (at least not on the scale Jerry Falwell and Bill O’Reily would have us believe). I’m calling to stop this childish bickering.

I believe that Christmas has a perfectly secular meaning. Its name is just the result of über-christian England in the Middle Ages. Christmas and the holiday season are a time of being together and “good will towards men”. I’m tired of hearing other atheists complain about how “I’m not going to celebrate some stupid Christian Holiday”. It’s really a pagan Holiday that Christians hijacked; an amalgamation of different customs and celebrations from Europe. The whole point of it may have been in the first place to bring Christians and Pagans together (see Wikipedia’s Christmas article).

I believe that we can all derive good from celebrating Christmas. By not celebrating it, you’re only helping to promote Christian, religious monopoly on a perfectly secular Holiday. Ditto for Thanksgiving.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Wednesday, Dec 7 2005 

…there is a pot of gold that can fix some of Ireland’s problems. That gold is atheism. Sure, the Republic of Ireland is 92% Catholic, but only 48% regularly attend Mass. Is Ireland becoming more secular just like the rest of Western Europe? This blogger thinks so; slowly but surely.

In Carnival of the Godless #27, PZ Meyers challenged us to write about the virtues of godlessness instead of criticizing religion. I’ll briefly touch on the subject of religion, but in this post I’ll mostly postulate on the benign influence atheism can have on a nation torn apart by thousands of years of fighting.

The way I see it, atheism would be like a stitch to connect this Emerald Isle. It wouldn’t completely put it back together, but it would hold it firmly in place. Imagine if Northern Ireland, which is now roughly 60% Protestant and 40% Catholic, were to be 90% atheistic. Just imagine. Would we have as much fighting? Would we have anymore Bloody Sundays? Protestants and Catholics both believe their flavour of Christianity is the one true flavour and therefore see the other sect as inferior.

Personally, a few of my cousins are athiests as well and the younger generation is definitely far less religious than the older generation. Each successive generation is less religious than the previous, at least from experience in my family. But I’m sure it equally applies to other families in Northern Ireland as well. My mother, for example, is very religious (I mean, she was born in a city St. Patrick founded!) but me, I’m an atheist. My grandmother is very religious. Her mother (my great-grandmother) was the kind of ridiculously religious person who said the rosary 40 on her knees before she went to bed, and if she messed she up started all over.

Just imagine what happens when Islam’s growing population in Ireland gets into conflict with the Christians. More fighting. If there’s one thing that Ireland needs, fighting isn’t it.

A jealous green streaks down this faulty diamond
No bloody boots or crucifix
Can ever hope to split this emerald island
From Belfast

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that if Northern Ireland were mostly secular all of its problems would wash away. It still has a lot of things to fix forbide that. Religion breeds fighting. But how much damage could a little atheism do versus 1600 years of Christianity.

Demographic Information gathered from Wikipedia

Catholic to Atheist in 2.5 Months Friday, Oct 28 2005 

Here is my Carnival of the Godless submission:

I was born an atheist, and I’ll day an atheist. But you see, 23 days after I was born, I entered the ethereal realms of Catholicism. Born on the 4th, baptised on the 27th. So I spent 14 years of my life as a Catholic.

My mother was a catholic from Northern Ireland (yes, they *do* exist). My father grew up somewhat Catholic but became “born-again” sometime in his life.

So basically I grew up as Catholic as one can. Went to catholic school, church every sunday. I never really questioned God or JC.

That is, until one October (or maybe it was early November) night last year. I randomly googled ‘boy scouts evil’. I wound up at http://stupidevilbastard.com/, wherein the author talked about the boy scouts discriminating against atheists. Then it hit me: people who called themselves Christians, like I did myself, were total assholes.

After that I got into thinking. Previously, I had always thought of atheists as a bunch of silly grumpy stuck-up idiots. Now, I saw that they could be good people. I became a “sensible Christian”; that is, a christian who sides with atheists in regards to social issues
(Separation of Church and State, abortion*, etc).

I kept seeing more examples of Christians being assholes. Kids being expelled for being gay, 10 Commandments in Government, “Intelligent Design”. My faith was fading fast. Around January 25th, 2005, I finally said to myself “adults shouldn’t believe in fairy tales”. I was an atheist. Just like that. And you know what? I’ve never looked back.

*Yes, I know there are some pro-choice atheists.