Obama 2008 Wednesday, Feb 14 2007 

This is just pure speculation, but I think the first person I ever vote for in an American Presidential Election could very well be Barack Obama.

I mean, not only is he not a republican or Hilary Clinton, I think he can be a real uniter. He seems to respect the conservative point of view. I have a good feeling about him, but the election is a good 21 months away. A lot can happen in that time…


The F-Line: Form over Function Thursday, Feb 1 2007 

I rode the MUNI F-Line for the first time today. I’ve heard a bunch of people saying how great it was to have old streetcars running again, and keeping San Francisco history alive.

Now I love history, but there’s a reason these old streetcars went out of style: They just plain suck. If you’ve been stuck behind one before, you know what I mean. They run way too slowly for a downtown San Francisco street, much less the busiest street of them all (Market).

The fact that Market Street already has the MUNI Metro makes the line even more superfluous. This is what happens when people put form over function. The cars are nice to look at, but are simply not practical. Let’s leave them to the Embarcadero and off the busy downtown streets.