…and what have I done? This atheist sure as hell celebrated Christmas. Frankly it saddens me when my godless brethren refuse to celebrate Christmas because of its religious ties. Christmas is only a religious holiday when secular people stop celebrating it. We atheists should be emphasizing how Christmas is about good will towards men and being together. That can’t happen if we view it as “just a Christian thing”. Christmas is for everyone.

Oh, and I also briefly tried out the new Nintendo Wii. My first thoughts on it were “this is kinda tricky” which then segued into “hey this is fun!”. I guess Kottke was right. The only game I tried was the bowling one. I can’t wait to try Baseball and Tennis.

I listened yesterday to two excellent (concept) albums, Brian Wilson’s SMiLE and Elton John’s The Captain and The Kid. Elton is still going strong with his new autobiographical album, a sequel to 1975’s Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy. I particularly liked “Blues Never Fade Away”, where he talks about Ryan White and AIDS. SMiLE was awesome. Thank you Brian for sharing your dream with the world. How appropriate of a title. Everyone needs to listen to this album.

You can also expect a “Best of 2006, Predictions for 2007” list to appear around these parts over the next few days, as is the custom every year.

Merry Christmas!