Best of 2006, Predictions for 2007 Friday, Dec 29 2006 

As always, let’s look at how my predictions for last year fared (posted exactly one year ago):

  • AJAX is very popular now, and everyone seems comfortable with JavaScript.
  • “WordPress will continue its work towards a monopoly on blog software. Movable Type just sinks into the background, but around August tries to make a big comeback. I predict Six Apart will slash Typepad late in 2006.” 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  • I was right about not too much Terrorism I guess, from this west-coaster’s point of view. I sincerely hope that this “War on Terror” will be exposed for this sham it is by this time next year.


While in Ireland I discovered some great music, including David Morales’ “Needin’ U”, and the Shapeshifter’s “Sensitivity” (featuring Chic, believe it or not). I also liked “Mas que Nada” by Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas, and “Somebody’s Watching Me” by the Beatfreakz.

People of the Year

2006 will be remembered by me as a very important year because of the discovery of 3 great composers: Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson, and George Gershwin. These guys definitely shaped my year. They are the 3 people of the year for 2006. Maybe they didn’t affect you, but they did affect me, and gosh darn it this is my blog!

Top 5 Blogs of 2006

  2. The Education Wonks
  3. Decrepit Old Fool
  4. Stupid Evil Bastard
  5. Think Progress

This year pretty much rocked. I hope yours did too. Roll on 2007!


So This is Christmas Tuesday, Dec 26 2006 

…and what have I done? This atheist sure as hell celebrated Christmas. Frankly it saddens me when my godless brethren refuse to celebrate Christmas because of its religious ties. Christmas is only a religious holiday when secular people stop celebrating it. We atheists should be emphasizing how Christmas is about good will towards men and being together. That can’t happen if we view it as “just a Christian thing”. Christmas is for everyone.

Oh, and I also briefly tried out the new Nintendo Wii. My first thoughts on it were “this is kinda tricky” which then segued into “hey this is fun!”. I guess Kottke was right. The only game I tried was the bowling one. I can’t wait to try Baseball and Tennis.

I listened yesterday to two excellent (concept) albums, Brian Wilson’s SMiLE and Elton John’s The Captain and The Kid. Elton is still going strong with his new autobiographical album, a sequel to 1975’s Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy. I particularly liked “Blues Never Fade Away”, where he talks about Ryan White and AIDS. SMiLE was awesome. Thank you Brian for sharing your dream with the world. How appropriate of a title. Everyone needs to listen to this album.

You can also expect a “Best of 2006, Predictions for 2007” list to appear around these parts over the next few days, as is the custom every year.

Merry Christmas!

Thank God It’s Christmas Sunday, Dec 24 2006 

If only for one day.

Miracle on 34th Street? Tuesday, Dec 19 2006 

San Franciscans will tell you there is no 34th Street in San Francisco, rather there is a 34th avenue. However, I was looking at on old map today of San Francisco from 1903 (you can find it at and it shows a 34th street (long since vanished) not far from my house. It’s not very long (about 2 blocks), and was located where Stillings avenue ends at Teresita today.

Why do I bring mention this? No particular reason. I just found it interesting. I’m a stickler for history, that’s all.

Car Alarms Saturday, Dec 16 2006 

I was walking out of Safeway this evening, and this car alarm kept going off. This one guy started swearing at it, then shortly after that it stopped. He turned to me and said “See what a little cussin’ does?” Then he proceeded to explain to me this idea he had for a commercial. A guy is sleeping during the day (because he works nights) and this car alarm keeps going off while he’s trying to sleep. He takes out a rocket launcher and fires a rocket at the car, then goes back to sleep.

I kinda like it, don’t you?

(P.S. I totally forgot, but as of Wednesday, December 13 I have been blogging for four years. Wow.)

New Name Thursday, Dec 14 2006 

Ok, I was getting sick of “Superlicious”. This is a much better name, and it alludes to my love of old Nintendo games. “The Minus World”, of course, being a famous glitch in Super Mario Bros. that creates a never ending water level.

Feedback would be much appreciated.

One Year of Yahoo’d Saturday, Dec 9 2006 

Exactly one year ago today, one of my favourite websites and a mighty useful one, was purchased by Yahoo. What’s happened in the year since then?

Well, my early fears regarding this acquisition do not seem to have come true. When the deal was originally announced, I wrote “I’m 25% happy and 75% worried about this.” My worries obviously were a little overblown. My main concern was that Yahoo would consume and make it no longer an independent website, but a complete facet of Yahoo, much like Geocities. Now look at the front page. If you’d never heard of, could you tell it was owned by Yahoo?

I still use and am really happy it exists. Forget second-rate competitors. Long live!

Zappa expelled from iTunes Store? Sunday, Dec 3 2006 

One year ago, the iTunes Store (or as it was then known, “The iTunes Music Store”) had a vast collection of Zappa’s work. I bought many songs, such as “Catholic Girls” and “Peaches en Regalia”. Now, all of the previous extensive Zappa collection has been removed (at least for the U.S. store). And frankly (no pun intended), I’m pissed.

This was one of iTunes greatest collections. Zappa released over 60 albums in his short life (in fact, the 13th anniversary of his death is tomorrow). I’m sure Apple was making good money from this collection, so I’m led to believe it wasn’t their choice. Maybe it was Zappa’s lyrics that prompted someone to complain to iTunes?

I demand an explanation, Apple!