I like Peter-Paul Koch. Great guy. Wish there were more people with as much JavaScript and browser knowledge out there. But I simply can’t stand his new design of QuirksMode.

The old design was much, much better. Sure, it used frames but goddammit it worked! If he had maybe opted to use Server-Side includes instead of frames, or maybe some XMLHTTPRequest script thingy to load the menus for the subdivisions of his site, he could’ve kept his old design. If you’ve ever visited the old QuirksMode, you know what I mean. The old design was brilliant. Even the colour scheme was pretty good for a self-described non-designer.

The new serif-heavy design is just plain ugly compared to the old one. Can I at least get some Lucida Grande? I know asking PPK to change the design is a waste of my breath, but will you at least consider bringing all the fake browser quotes back? And maybe configuring your site so that I don’t have to type www.?