[Note: The following contains spoilers]

After watching Thursday’s episode of CSI all I can say is “wow”. It was a bit unlike anything CSI had ever done before. In fact, it reminded me more of a traditional Symphony than a TV show. It had four separate movements, loosely bound by a central theme (teaching University students and talking bodies). I disliked the whole “corpses talking to each other” motif. I thought it was a bit to surreal for a normally very real show.

The first chapter (or “movement”) was just like a normal episode of CSI condensed into about 12 minutes. However, I thought it a bit uninspired. But it was rather tame compared to the other 3 movements.

The second, third, and fourth movements were all rather gory. A girl loses her brain after being pushed off a cliff, a guy gets randomly stabbed in front of his family, and the most gory of all two guys die in a chainsaw accident.

And why was there no mention of what happened to Catherine’s dad in this episode? Although the pain Catherine suffered in the last episode is mentioned briefly in the first movement, I wanted so badly a followup to last week’s events, not a series of vignettes.

Am I dissapointed? Yes. Am I also pleasantly suprised? You betcha.