Go over to Sfgate.com and and read this article. Then ask yourself “Hey, should a modern 21st Century country like America tolerate irrational religious belief?”

If your answer isn’t no, perhaps you should find a country that agrees with you where you’ll feel more cormfortable. Like The Islamic Republican of Iran. We need to treat these people as what they are: irrational. If someone denies Evolution, treat them as if they were denying the Holocaust or the Kennedy Assassination. For example,

“Parents should have the choice. There are those who would say, ‘We can provide a better, healthier alternative than the vaccine, and that is to teach abstinence,’ ” Rudd said.

I take it Rudd hasn’t read this. Abstinence is not practical. Of course no amount of evidence will convince these people otherwise. Who needs evidence when you have the Bible?

I mean, after September 11th I thought America would’ve stopped pandering to religion and favouring it over no religion.

It would seem as though the exact opposite happened.