Clean-up Thursday, Apr 27 2006 

Today, I started to read my new items in Bloglines, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, I said “Fuck it”. I deleted all but 4 subscriptions (there were 82; at one point there had been as many as 120) but saved a backup OPML file in case I change my mind.

I guess you could say I pulled a Merlin. You could also say I “retired from the Blogosphere”. I call it gaining back my time.


The Web is Changing Saturday, Apr 22 2006 

And I can prove it. For example, how many times have you heard lately the phrase “Ajax” in relation to the phrase “box model”?

3 years ago, the big thing was converting to CSS and standards. Now, it’s safe the among web developers those are the norm. It’s no longer about getting the standards, it’s about putting extras on top of those standards.

On the Raving Atheist Saturday, Apr 15 2006 

I don’t think The Raving Atheist is really anti-choice; rather, I think he’s just an atheist trying to deconvert people from Christianity to Atheism and showing that atheism does not require giving up morals.

Call me a conspiracy theorist…

The term “AJAX” Monday, Apr 10 2006 

Any hopes anyone may have had about the buzzword “Ajax” becoming dead and gone are, well, dead and gone.

What confuses me is what people mean when they say “Ajax”? Are the referring to:

  • The actual XMLHTTPRequest object?
  • Any method of using JavaScript to retrieve data from the server?
  • A whole new web application paradigm involving use of the XMLHTTPRequest object (or something similar) to retrieve small bits of data from the server without reloading the whole page?

Please, denizens of Web 2.0, clarify exactly what it is you mean by “Ajax” when you use it or don’t use it at all.

Science and Beliefs Sunday, Apr 9 2006 

At the end of Thursday’s episode of CSI, there was this exchange between Greg and Grissom (paraphrased):

Greg: I think you can have beliefs and still be a scientist.
Grissom: Of course. The problem arises when people mistake their beliefs for science.

A very perceptive observation.

Happy April Fool’s Day Saturday, Apr 1 2006 

To celebrate this day of tomfoolery, I am proud to announce a little something I’m working on called The Intelligent Design Hoax, excerpts of which will appear on this very blog.

As Red State Rabble pointed out, April 1st really should be Intelligent Design Day.