CSI and…MySpace? Thursday, Mar 30 2006 

CSI just plugged Myspace on the latest episode.

This is getting out of hand. First Google, then MySpace, now what, Flickr?

Dean Edwards Interview Monday, Mar 27 2006 

I interviewed Mr. Dean Edwards a while back, and thought I’d share it with you guys.

What made you create IE7?

The pain of writing CSS hacks. All of my developments are real itch
scratchers. #

What are all the web languages you know?

Er. JavaScript certainly. Then to a lesser degree CSS and (X)HTML. I
know the DOM and XML pretty well. A bit of XSL some PHP. That’s about
it. I only got involved in web development five years ago. At first it
seemed there was not too much to know and then… #

What do you like most about working on IE7?

It sounds cheesy but I really like the “thank you” emails. 🙂 #

Have you designed any other websites besides your own?

Sorry, there are no public URLs of my professional work. I’m not really
a designer anyway, as anyone who has visited my site will attest. #

What do you look forward to doing as a WaSP?

The reason I became a WaSP was to join what is loosely called the
“Microsoft Task Force”. WaSPs, including myself, Tantek Çelik, Molly E.
Holzschlag, D. L. Byron and Meryl K. Evans will work together with
Microsoft representatives to improve standards support in Microsoft
products. Obviously, I’m particularly interested in Internet Explorer
but we will also talk about ASP.NET and Front Page. The idea is to ramp
up standards support in all of Microsoft’s products. It’s early days but
the first discussions have been good. I remain hopeful. #

When the first Microsoft IE7 comes out, what will be the name of your IE7?

Groan. I still have no idea. While my IE7 outranks Microsoft’s on
Google, I see no reason to change. #

Any thoughts on the future of JavaScript and XMLHTTPRequest?

No huge ones. As usual we wait for mainstream developments (what we get
paid for) to catch up with our hobbies. I’m hoping that potential
clients will start demanding Ajax applications. I intend to charge them
a lot too. 😉 #

Thanks for the interview Dean!

Thank you Dante. My “about” page was getting pretty cluttered anyway.
And thanks for supporting IE7. It is appreciated. 🙂 #


Just a reminder… Friday, Mar 24 2006 

If you aren’t reading “Uncommonly Dense” you are missing out on grade-A entertainment. Seriously.

On Ma.gnolia Monday, Mar 20 2006 

Is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of Zeldman shoving Ma.gnolia down his readers’ throats every chance he gets?

The way I see it, there are several fundamental problems with Ma.gnolia. Well, actually only one: they’re reinventing the wheel. I enjoy del.icio.us. It has a community of 30,000+ users. Sure, Ma.gnolia’s website looks nice, and it has some cool features, but it’s still not convincing me to switch.

And another thing, it’s URL scheme is rather daft. Why do they need that dot after the ‘a’? Is it just more ipping off of del.icio.us?

Hmm… Saturday, Mar 18 2006 

You know what’s funny, is that I never started getting comment spam until after WordPress.com installed Akismet

You know what else? This is the 100th post on Superlicious. I wish I had something more exciting to talk about than conspiracy theories about WordPress.

New WordPress Functionality Wednesday, Mar 15 2006 

I’ve just completed something to enhance WordPress (strictly speaking, not a plugin yet until I assemble it). It allows you, on single post pages, to instantly edit the post’s content by clicking on it. The changes (through AJAX) are immediately sent back to the server and saved.

Anyone interested to beta test it?

Suckswuh 2006 Saturday, Mar 11 2006 

I envy all of you who are able to attend.

And sorry for not posting again. I had my second viral infection in 5 weeks.

Now that I’m back, I plan to try out some of the new WordPress.com widgets.