Ok, so I read Web 3.0 by J the Z, and honestly I don’t know what his whole point is. I mean, you can piss and moan about the buzzwords “AJAX” and “Web 2.0”, but for the right reasons. I bitched about Ajax because instead of the ‘x’ standing for ‘xml’ it could’ve been ‘html’ or even the more generic ‘data’. A better one would’ve been “Asynchronous Javascript with XMLHTTPRequest”. But there just ain’t enough vowels.

Web 2.0 is another one, it may not be 2.0, it may just be 1.5. But to deny that there is a “new web” is almost silly. Of course there are new ways of building websites. Of course there are new technologies.

That may have been Zeldman’s point, but if not I think it should’ve been clearer. The whole article is just too oblique for my taste.