Two Sides of Their Mouths Tuesday, Jan 31 2006 

Ever notice how people who support Intelligent Design are always bitching about how everything is secular these days and religion is being purged from society? Yet they claim that ID is secular and does not advance religion? Shouldn’t they be against ID if they hate secular things?

Superlicious is understandably confused.


The Real Best Blonde Joke Ever Saturday, Jan 28 2006 

A blonde joke even better than this one:

Why Can’t Marilyn Monroe Read?

Because she’s dead.

(And not because she’s blonde).

Could Someone Please Tell Me… Thursday, Jan 26 2006 

What the fuck “Neo-Darwinism” is? Is this what creationists are calling Evolutionary Theory? Give me a fucking break!

Shame Tuesday, Jan 24 2006 

I found a new blog whilst doing my duty as a citizen of the blogosphere by voting in the Bloggies, when I came across a blog entitled “The Political Teen“. Just a read a few of the entries on the front page.

One has to wonder if the writer (purportedly a teen) is angry or just stupid (possibly both). If he’s angry, I can dig that; perhaps he’s been raised in babyjesusland Alabama and has discovered that troublesome rest of the world. If not, then I belong to possibly the stupidest generation of people in the modern world. People born between 1987 and 1992 in America. I was born in San Francisco in 1990.

Is it any wonder I’m ashamed to say I was born in this country? Why do you think I use spellings like “whilst”, “favourite” and “colour”?

Call me anti-american all you want. I enjoy it. Know why? Because I am.

In conclusion Mr. Political Teen can shove a sock down his throat if he thinks people who don’t support the troops should have their asses kicked, or if that saying something as trivial as “I think we should get out [of Iraq] now” constitutes “liberal bias”.

There’s Something About (the Virgin) Mary Monday, Jan 23 2006 

One thing I’ll never for the life of me understand is how when someone close to them dies they feel closer to God. I mean, if you really believe that God exists and controls everything and has a divine plan then he did that. Why didn’t God stop him from dying? Did you not pray hard enough?

Perhaps I am just not meant to understand it. Therefore I request Chris(t) J. Davis to submit and entry for the forthcoming Carnival of the Godless being held here on February 6th.

On Agnosticism Thursday, Jan 19 2006 

What do people mean when they say they are “Agnostic”? Is it a bona fide philosophical position, or just a term used to describe atheism without all the negative connotations of that word?


Ain’t parsers a slice? Tuesday, Jan 17 2006 

So I’m building a new RSS/Atom parser in PHP from scratch, using PHP’s DOM Functions, right? And I cannot read out the contents of the first link tag in the document. As you know, after the channel tag, comes <title>, <link>, and <description>. Title and description are totally fine; no bugs. But for some strange reason I just cannot get that link tag.

Perhaps I should upgrade from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2.

On “Web 3.0” By Jeffrey Zeldman Tuesday, Jan 17 2006 

Ok, so I read Web 3.0 by J the Z, and honestly I don’t know what his whole point is. I mean, you can piss and moan about the buzzwords “AJAX” and “Web 2.0”, but for the right reasons. I bitched about Ajax because instead of the ‘x’ standing for ‘xml’ it could’ve been ‘html’ or even the more generic ‘data’. A better one would’ve been “Asynchronous Javascript with XMLHTTPRequest”. But there just ain’t enough vowels.

Web 2.0 is another one, it may not be 2.0, it may just be 1.5. But to deny that there is a “new web” is almost silly. Of course there are new ways of building websites. Of course there are new technologies.

That may have been Zeldman’s point, but if not I think it should’ve been clearer. The whole article is just too oblique for my taste.

Double-Standard? Monday, Jan 16 2006 

Remember all the (justified) pissing and moaning I and several others in the community did about WordPress 2.0 not having Atom 1.0 support? Why did no one piss and moan to Blogger for still using Atom 0.3? Thousands and thousands of Atom feeds are out there that are deprecated. Like this one, for example.

Honestly, I don’t think Blogger could’ve screwed things up more than they already have. They only offer 1 type of feed, and that is a deprecated Atom 0.3 feed. Only offering Atom feeds is stupid in the first place, if it’s a deprecated version it’s even worse!

Wake up, Blogger.

Ask Me Anything Saturday, Jan 14 2006 

Following this post on Stupid Evil Bastard, I am open to any questions you may have about me, or just questions in general. Go on. Do it. The rules are the same as on Les’ entry: “Nothings out of bounds. Whatever you think would make for an interesting bit of banter, or at least funny if I can’t make it interesting.”

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