FeedFrenzy: The Wiki Tuesday, Dec 20 2005 

Instead of a Status Report, I’m linking you to the FeedFrenzy Wiki (which I just started) which will become an athenaeum for this Weblication. I’m hoping to get a beta version out very soon, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely, up to my head in bugs in the front end and back end.



IE5 Mac: Good Riddance! Tuesday, Dec 20 2005 

People are always talking about how great CSS support was in IE5 Mac, and they’re right, but what they blithely forget is how bad its JavaScript/DOM support was.

Long live the king.

How is Apache pronounced? Saturday, Dec 17 2005 

Go vote over at Say-So. I think it’s the latter.

On XFN, Part Deux Friday, Dec 16 2005 

(Part One was published a year ago on my old blog. Damned if I can find it. It’s not necessary to understand this anyway)

Tantek Çelik recently asked:

And if you have a blog, ask yourself, why haven’t you joined the XHTML Friends Network?

Because, Tantek, I find it superfluous. I just can’t see the usefulness of saying wether a link is my friend, muse, crush, whatever the fuck you call it. In fact, I don’t see any real value to the average user of any Microformat in general. It seems like a geeky thing, sort of like having links to every word/paragraph on the page. Even if you did have a 100% usable, unobstrusive way of showing the contents of rel and rev links, who the fuck would care? I know I wouldn’t.

Also, it’s sightly hypocritical for a guy whose blog’s permalinks are junk like http://tantek.com/log/2005/12.html#d15t2245 to be implying ways to make my blog better. But that’s a minor point; an aside.

So, in conclusion, don’t expect to see Superlicious using any sort of oblique, esoteric “microformat” anytime soon.

Update: CM Harrington has written why he thinks microformats are useless on his blog.

State-of-the-Art? Wednesday, Dec 14 2005 

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. What a mouthful. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

That bit that is bolded is no longer accurate. You see, someone filed a bug regarding WordPress 2.0 generating Atom 0.3 instead of 1.0. Matt stated:

This will not be in 2.0.

Matthew, I think you’re a great guy and I love WordPress, but this is ridiculous; nay, Ridonculous, as Scott would say. I wouldn’t be as mad if Matt had provided a reason why this won’t be in 2.0, but he didn’t. Let’s hope he was kidding.

Airhead wants RSS for Christmas. I want Atom 1.0.

(Previously on Superlicious: FeedFrenzy Status Report [read the last paragraph with the asterisk])

FeedFrenzy Status Report Tuesday, Dec 13 2005 

This week is important, as FeedFrenzy is officially Alpha Software. We’re heading towards Beta. However, unlike some companies, Beta testing will not last for a few years even though the product is finished. Hopefully, at most, it will last a few months.

Goals for this week:

  1. Apply Fitt’s Law to Feed Items
  2. Add Atom support (0.3 and 1.0)*
  3. Trim CSS and JS code
  4. Fix little bugs with Updating Options and New Feeds, etc
  5. Add scriptaculous effects [this will probably have to wait until later]

* If you’re using 0.3 please upgrade. It is obsolete. Hell, I’d like to see Atom itself thrown out the window, but if you’re going to use it at the very least use the current version. Please? For me?

Custom iTunes Fields? Monday, Dec 12 2005 

Is it possible to get custom ID3 tags in iTunes? I want to have a special field for whatever Musical Key the song is in, in addition to the usual title/artist/genre etc.

Windows Live Friday, Dec 9 2005 

Has anyone ever heard of Windows Live? I discovered it in my referrers tonight. Wikipedia says:

Microsoft Windows Live is an online applications services suite which presents tools such as Microsoft Office via a web browser interface. The product was released into Beta on Tuesday, November 1, 2005.

On the entry for Live.com (curiously, these are two separate articles) Wikipedia says:

In early November 2005, Live.com became a website by Microsoft, which aims to integrate all kinds of Microsoft web services, such as MSN Messenger, Hotmail and Anti-virus scanning into one single homepage.

Interesting. This seems to be a rival for Google’s customisable homepages. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this service.

CSI Plugs Google Again! Friday, Dec 9 2005 

If you watched CSI last night you probably noticed that the lab used Google’s Image Search to find an image of the “kidnapped” boy (though the actual image search doesn’t give the results it showed on TV [Link possibly NSFW]). It clearly showed Google’s homepage and a typical Google Image result page. Is there some kind of agreement between CBS and Google?

Previously on Superlicious: my entry about a Gmail address mentioned on CSI.

(Oh, and did you hear del.icio.us was acquired by Yahoo?)

A Call to Peace in the War on Christmas Thursday, Dec 8 2005 

I’m sure by now many of you have seen this, which formally declares war on Christmas (because we wouldn’t want those pundits to be wrong). I still believe that there really isn’t a war on Christmas (at least not on the scale Jerry Falwell and Bill O’Reily would have us believe). I’m calling to stop this childish bickering.

I believe that Christmas has a perfectly secular meaning. Its name is just the result of über-christian England in the Middle Ages. Christmas and the holiday season are a time of being together and “good will towards men”. I’m tired of hearing other atheists complain about how “I’m not going to celebrate some stupid Christian Holiday”. It’s really a pagan Holiday that Christians hijacked; an amalgamation of different customs and celebrations from Europe. The whole point of it may have been in the first place to bring Christians and Pagans together (see Wikipedia’s Christmas article).

I believe that we can all derive good from celebrating Christmas. By not celebrating it, you’re only helping to promote Christian, religious monopoly on a perfectly secular Holiday. Ditto for Thanksgiving.

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