This is one of those bizarre kind of bugs that pop up in browsers. An upside to them is that they remind us that no browser is perfect. This problem was so frustrating that it prompted me to release FeedFrenzy in its Alpha stage. Anyway, a funny thing happened to me on the way to creating a login script. That is, when I chose “Remember this password”, logged out, and tried to log back in, I couldn’t. When I changed the two form fields to something else I knew wasn’t valid, the POSTDATA was sent. BUT when I changed it to the right name/password combo, no POSTDATA was sent by Firefox to the server. The same thing happened with IE6. And Opera. Ain’t browsers a slice?

A solution has yet to be found. I tried adding an onsubmit event handler to the form, which as far as the client is concered, is being submitted.

Google gave me nothing. Does anyone out there know? Anyone?