I am ready to release an alpha version of FeedFrenzy, my own aggregator, to the world. It’s not finished. It has a few bugs. But god damnit I’m going to release it. The reason is, that earlier today, I became really frustrated with a login feature (which isn’t essential at this point anyway) I was trying to implement and said “FUCK!! WHY IS MYSQL SO FUCKING DIFFICULT?” (more on this later). I know that the community can do a better job than I can. Such is why I am releasing it to anyone who wants it. Since WordPress.com no longer lets me upload .zip files (fuck you to whoever had that idea, by the way) I will give it to anyone who wants it via email. Send an email to theboss3@gmail.com with ‘FeedFrenzy’ in the Subject. If you make any real changes to it, let me know and send me the source code as an attatchment.

FeedFrenzy has a basic plugin architecture that currently has only one plugin (for displaying weather). To enable it you need to rename it to ‘weather.php’ and get an API key from weather.com.

I don’t know if anyone (Krijn? Mathias? Rob?) will be interested or not, but here’s to giving up on something and letting someone else fix it.

UPDATE: I am converting everything to SQLite. Make sure you have this installed if you are going to run FeedFrenzy.