First, my predictions from last year:

In 2005, Spam reaches new heights, but in around June the Comment Spam level starts to decline, while email spam skyrockets.

Blogs will grow in popularity but they won’t be as big as they were this year until 2008.

Big in 2005:, XMLHTTPRequest, WordPress

I kinda wish I had been more specific.


This Ajax stuff is spreading like wildfire. I even saw a book about in Barnes & Noble. I expect it will become even more popular in 2006. JavaScript is seeing a renaissance right now, with JSON and all. Ajax and JSON. Big in 2006. The FUD of JavaScript will disappear in 2006 (save for a few pussies anyway).


WordPress will continue its work towards a monopoly on blog software. Movable Type just sinks into the background, but around August tries to make a big comeback. I predict Six Apart will slash Typepad late in 2006.

The Top 5 Blogs of 2005

  1. Binary Bonsai
  2. Pharyngula
  3. Daring Fireball
  4. Kottke
  5. Stupid Evil Bastard

(For comparison, here’s last year)

  1. Stopdesign
  2. Stupid Evil Bastard
  3. PhotoMatt
  4. Mezzoblue
  5. The Daily Report


Hopefully we won’t see many terror attacks in 2006. Maybe one in Bosnia.


I pissed and moaned about last year’s music. This year was even worse. The best thing to come out of 2005 was Adam Levy. He’s gonna be big in 2006.

Person of the Year

Jason Kottke, for showing us that blogging alone can obstensibly generate enough money to go to Asia. Bravo.

Here’s to a great year. You know, 2005 was a lot like 2004, but with more tragedy. Roll on 2006.