In case you needed proof that Intelligent Design truly is creationist pseudo-science that has no scientific merit and is totally based in religion, I invite you to read this post on Uncommon Descent:

But there was no jury with Dover — only a single biased judge. This trial therefore wasn’t about ID. It was about what one judge thinks about ID. The success of ID has never depended on its success in the courtroom but always on the success of its scientific research. And it remains so.

I predict this decision will amount to very little in the long run. Why? Because ID is true. And in God’s world truth always wins out in the end. [Source]

(Emphasis Mine). Now tell me, does that sound like someone whose religious views in no way influence their scientific views? Right now is the eschaton of Intelligent Design, just like the late 1980s were for “Creation Science”.

Now I’ll admit that I read blogs that like because there is something deeply addicting about it. That is why I read blogs like The Blue Site and watch the 700 Club. It’s addicting. The aforementioned link goes to a site by some guy in Indiana who looks suprisingly Indian. He’s a typical conservative Christian creationist (the 3 C’s); the kind of guy who hates Michael Newdow and Evolution and all those evil secularist thingies; who even thinks that police should shoot every criminal in a car chase (read the “Rants” and “Essays” part of his site).

In short, an extremist. An example of what is wrong with Americans. They’re unwilling to admit that they might be wrong; unwilling to say, “Gee, maybe using a secular government to force schoolchildren to pray to the Christian God is wrong”, or “maybe evolutionary theory isn’t a secularist lie, seeing as how even Pope John-a Paul 2 gave it props”. They certainly won’t consider “Maybe Hitler was was so hellbent against Jews because he was taught that the Jews killed his Lord”.

People don’t need “open” minds. They need “free” minds. Free-thinking Minds.