(Part One was published a year ago on my old blog. Damned if I can find it. It’s not necessary to understand this anyway)

Tantek Çelik recently asked:

And if you have a blog, ask yourself, why haven’t you joined the XHTML Friends Network?

Because, Tantek, I find it superfluous. I just can’t see the usefulness of saying wether a link is my friend, muse, crush, whatever the fuck you call it. In fact, I don’t see any real value to the average user of any Microformat in general. It seems like a geeky thing, sort of like having links to every word/paragraph on the page. Even if you did have a 100% usable, unobstrusive way of showing the contents of rel and rev links, who the fuck would care? I know I wouldn’t.

Also, it’s sightly hypocritical for a guy whose blog’s permalinks are junk like http://tantek.com/log/2005/12.html#d15t2245 to be implying ways to make my blog better. But that’s a minor point; an aside.

So, in conclusion, don’t expect to see Superlicious using any sort of oblique, esoteric “microformat” anytime soon.

Update: CM Harrington has written why he thinks microformats are useless on his blog.