I’m sure by now many of you have seen this, which formally declares war on Christmas (because we wouldn’t want those pundits to be wrong). I still believe that there really isn’t a war on Christmas (at least not on the scale Jerry Falwell and Bill O’Reily would have us believe). I’m calling to stop this childish bickering.

I believe that Christmas has a perfectly secular meaning. Its name is just the result of über-christian England in the Middle Ages. Christmas and the holiday season are a time of being together and “good will towards men”. I’m tired of hearing other atheists complain about how “I’m not going to celebrate some stupid Christian Holiday”. It’s really a pagan Holiday that Christians hijacked; an amalgamation of different customs and celebrations from Europe. The whole point of it may have been in the first place to bring Christians and Pagans together (see Wikipedia’s Christmas article).

I believe that we can all derive good from celebrating Christmas. By not celebrating it, you’re only helping to promote Christian, religious monopoly on a perfectly secular Holiday. Ditto for Thanksgiving.