Browsers Not Sending POSTDATA Saturday, Dec 31 2005 

This is one of those bizarre kind of bugs that pop up in browsers. An upside to them is that they remind us that no browser is perfect. This problem was so frustrating that it prompted me to release FeedFrenzy in its Alpha stage. Anyway, a funny thing happened to me on the way to creating a login script. That is, when I chose “Remember this password”, logged out, and tried to log back in, I couldn’t. When I changed the two form fields to something else I knew wasn’t valid, the POSTDATA was sent. BUT when I changed it to the right name/password combo, no POSTDATA was sent by Firefox to the server. The same thing happened with IE6. And Opera. Ain’t browsers a slice?

A solution has yet to be found. I tried adding an onsubmit event handler to the form, which as far as the client is concered, is being submitted.

Google gave me nothing. Does anyone out there know? Anyone?


WordPress 2.0 Friday, Dec 30 2005 

WP 2.0 is out, continuing with the pattern of one release every 9-10 months (c.f. WordPress 1.2, WordPress 1.5).

Best of 2005, Predictions for 2006 Thursday, Dec 29 2005 

First, my predictions from last year:

In 2005, Spam reaches new heights, but in around June the Comment Spam level starts to decline, while email spam skyrockets.

Blogs will grow in popularity but they won’t be as big as they were this year until 2008.

Big in 2005:, XMLHTTPRequest, WordPress

I kinda wish I had been more specific.


This Ajax stuff is spreading like wildfire. I even saw a book about in Barnes & Noble. I expect it will become even more popular in 2006. JavaScript is seeing a renaissance right now, with JSON and all. Ajax and JSON. Big in 2006. The FUD of JavaScript will disappear in 2006 (save for a few pussies anyway).


WordPress will continue its work towards a monopoly on blog software. Movable Type just sinks into the background, but around August tries to make a big comeback. I predict Six Apart will slash Typepad late in 2006.

The Top 5 Blogs of 2005

  1. Binary Bonsai
  2. Pharyngula
  3. Daring Fireball
  4. Kottke
  5. Stupid Evil Bastard

(For comparison, here’s last year)

  1. Stopdesign
  2. Stupid Evil Bastard
  3. PhotoMatt
  4. Mezzoblue
  5. The Daily Report


Hopefully we won’t see many terror attacks in 2006. Maybe one in Bosnia.


I pissed and moaned about last year’s music. This year was even worse. The best thing to come out of 2005 was Adam Levy. He’s gonna be big in 2006.

Person of the Year

Jason Kottke, for showing us that blogging alone can obstensibly generate enough money to go to Asia. Bravo.

Here’s to a great year. You know, 2005 was a lot like 2004, but with more tragedy. Roll on 2006.

FeedFrenzy Alpha Release Thursday, Dec 29 2005 

I am ready to release an alpha version of FeedFrenzy, my own aggregator, to the world. It’s not finished. It has a few bugs. But god damnit I’m going to release it. The reason is, that earlier today, I became really frustrated with a login feature (which isn’t essential at this point anyway) I was trying to implement and said “FUCK!! WHY IS MYSQL SO FUCKING DIFFICULT?” (more on this later). I know that the community can do a better job than I can. Such is why I am releasing it to anyone who wants it. Since no longer lets me upload .zip files (fuck you to whoever had that idea, by the way) I will give it to anyone who wants it via email. Send an email to with ‘FeedFrenzy’ in the Subject. If you make any real changes to it, let me know and send me the source code as an attatchment.

FeedFrenzy has a basic plugin architecture that currently has only one plugin (for displaying weather). To enable it you need to rename it to ‘weather.php’ and get an API key from

I don’t know if anyone (Krijn? Mathias? Rob?) will be interested or not, but here’s to giving up on something and letting someone else fix it.

UPDATE: I am converting everything to SQLite. Make sure you have this installed if you are going to run FeedFrenzy.

Step Into Christmas Saturday, Dec 24 2005 

Welcome to my Christmas post! I’d like to thank you for the year. See, I was writing this Christmas post to say it’s nice to have you here.

Merry Christmas, readers of Superlicious. If you’re the sort of person who reads but never comments, now would be a good time to say hello.

To the readers of Superlicious, without whom this blog would just be one guy talking to himself!

Links for 2005-12-24 Saturday, Dec 24 2005 

links for 2005-12-23 Friday, Dec 23 2005 

The Problem with Americans Thursday, Dec 22 2005 

In case you needed proof that Intelligent Design truly is creationist pseudo-science that has no scientific merit and is totally based in religion, I invite you to read this post on Uncommon Descent:

But there was no jury with Dover — only a single biased judge. This trial therefore wasn’t about ID. It was about what one judge thinks about ID. The success of ID has never depended on its success in the courtroom but always on the success of its scientific research. And it remains so.

I predict this decision will amount to very little in the long run. Why? Because ID is true. And in God’s world truth always wins out in the end. [Source]

(Emphasis Mine). Now tell me, does that sound like someone whose religious views in no way influence their scientific views? Right now is the eschaton of Intelligent Design, just like the late 1980s were for “Creation Science”.

Now I’ll admit that I read blogs that like because there is something deeply addicting about it. That is why I read blogs like The Blue Site and watch the 700 Club. It’s addicting. The aforementioned link goes to a site by some guy in Indiana who looks suprisingly Indian. He’s a typical conservative Christian creationist (the 3 C’s); the kind of guy who hates Michael Newdow and Evolution and all those evil secularist thingies; who even thinks that police should shoot every criminal in a car chase (read the “Rants” and “Essays” part of his site).

In short, an extremist. An example of what is wrong with Americans. They’re unwilling to admit that they might be wrong; unwilling to say, “Gee, maybe using a secular government to force schoolchildren to pray to the Christian God is wrong”, or “maybe evolutionary theory isn’t a secularist lie, seeing as how even Pope John-a Paul 2 gave it props”. They certainly won’t consider “Maybe Hitler was was so hellbent against Jews because he was taught that the Jews killed his Lord”.

People don’t need “open” minds. They need “free” minds. Free-thinking Minds.

links for 2005-12-21 Wednesday, Dec 21 2005 

Googlewhacked! Tuesday, Dec 20 2005 

Google: fark anthromorphisation.

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