(These type of posts will appear here every Sunday for a few weeks. These are a way of helping me define goals for this project, as well as overall GTD. If you are good at PHP and want to submit a few ideas and/or tips, please please please do so).

Goals for November 27, 2005

  • Figure out why gzuncompress gives a data error
  • Try to avoid crap before and after the HTTP content (WTF is this anyway?)
  • Figure out why Molly.com’s feed is so fucked up (bad charset?)
  • Work on getting static .xml feeds to display 304 codes
  • Polish off redirect support

UPDATE: If you help me solve any of these problems, you’ll get a WordPress.com invite. Yeah, I know that WordPress.com is currently opened up to everone, but…you know…in case it closes again.