You may heard of the rumour that you can hear a string arrangement of “Ticket to Ride” by “The Beatles” at the end of Eclipse by Pink Floyd. I was skeptical at first, but I think it really is there. Here’s how to listen to it, assuming you have the song and iTunes.

  1. First, turn off the bass on your speaker, put all the balance to the right side, and turn the volume to the max
  2. Then, open up the equalizer in iTunes (bottom right corner) and turn the first 5 rows completely down and the second 5 completely up.
  3. Set the position to -27 seconds (right after the speaking)
  4. Listen very carefully

“Ticket to Ride” is in the key of A, but the clear part of string arrangment is in Eb (nowhere close to the original key). I figured this out by a little trail and error with my keyboard. The key is different but the melody is identical for the opening lines (“I think I’m gonna be sad / I think it’s today”). This is the clearest part of the arrangement.