Invite Contest #3 Sunday, Oct 30 2005 

Why do you or do you not believe in God? I’ll randomly choose a comment to get a free invite.


Catholic to Atheist in 2.5 Months Friday, Oct 28 2005 

Here is my Carnival of the Godless submission:

I was born an atheist, and I’ll day an atheist. But you see, 23 days after I was born, I entered the ethereal realms of Catholicism. Born on the 4th, baptised on the 27th. So I spent 14 years of my life as a Catholic.

My mother was a catholic from Northern Ireland (yes, they *do* exist). My father grew up somewhat Catholic but became “born-again” sometime in his life.

So basically I grew up as Catholic as one can. Went to catholic school, church every sunday. I never really questioned God or JC.

That is, until one October (or maybe it was early November) night last year. I randomly googled ‘boy scouts evil’. I wound up at, wherein the author talked about the boy scouts discriminating against atheists. Then it hit me: people who called themselves Christians, like I did myself, were total assholes.

After that I got into thinking. Previously, I had always thought of atheists as a bunch of silly grumpy stuck-up idiots. Now, I saw that they could be good people. I became a “sensible Christian”; that is, a christian who sides with atheists in regards to social issues
(Separation of Church and State, abortion*, etc).

I kept seeing more examples of Christians being assholes. Kids being expelled for being gay, 10 Commandments in Government, “Intelligent Design”. My faith was fading fast. Around January 25th, 2005, I finally said to myself “adults shouldn’t believe in fairy tales”. I was an atheist. Just like that. And you know what? I’ve never looked back.

*Yes, I know there are some pro-choice atheists.


Devil in the Details Thursday, Oct 27 2005 

What’s today?
What’s today?
Will I get time to play?
Will I even walk out the door?

What’s today?
What’s today?
Will the skies be grey?
Oh I can’t take it anymore…

What’s today?
What’s today?
Do I have bills to mail
Or is the devil in the details?

What’s today?
What’s today?
What happened to the way
We used to try to ignore?

What’s today?
What’s today?
I’m so angry I could say
That love’s got a lot to answer for

What’s today?
What’s today?
Will I try not to fail
Or is the devil in the details?

I’m in the Theoretical Money! Thursday, Oct 27 2005 

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

In Memoriam Tuesday, Oct 25 2005 

Well, as you probably know by now, Rosa Parks has died but also someone else somewhat close to me has died as well. Rosa was 92, this person was 93. They both lived good long lives.

What I’ve Been Doing This Week Sunday, Oct 23 2005 

I haven’t posted much this week. But you see, I…

The feed reader mentioned in bullet 2 will be available to download online and run yourself. Or you can upload it to your site and use it form anywhere (like Bloglines). More info coming soon. Suffice to say it’s very “cutting-edge”. (You could even dare to call it “Web 2.0”).

Random Funny Word Friday, Oct 21 2005 


(Well, I thought it was funny…)

White Sox Win the Pennant! Sunday, Oct 16 2005 

Finally, after 46 years, the White Sox have won the AL Pennant! That final game was great, and reäffirms by stance that the ALCS is better than the World Series itself. Now if they could only win the World Series; now that would rock! The White Sox are my 6th favourite team, so I’m quite pleased with their victory. Go Sox!


WordPress Technorati Tags Favelet Friday, Oct 14 2005 

A sweet hack for all users (and maybe even regular WordPress users). I’ve whipped a neat little favelet for adding Technorati tags to your WordPress posts. The source code is below (WPMU has some serious formatting problems, so I couldn’t make it a link).

javascript:var $tags=prompt('Enter tags', ''); $tags = $tags.replace(/([^ ]+)/gi, '<a href="$1" rel="tag">$1</a>'); document.forms[0].elements['content'].value+='\n\nTags: '+$tags; void 0;


Which Would You Rather Read? Friday, Oct 14 2005 

I’m thinking of starting a new series here at Superlicious. Which would you want to read; a series of posts about memories from my lifetime or 10 posts explaining how I feel about the Bill of Rights?

(And please pick only one. I appreciate your input).

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