Over at God is for Suckers Sean points me to an article that provides some good reasons as to why we shouldn’t base our decisions off of what the Bible says (such as what our president is doing with banning same-sex marriage). I’d like to elaborate on the letter in a quasi-rant about Christianity in America.

Recently, the Pledge of Allegiance (a Nazi-esque state-sponsored indoctrination ritual) was ruled unconstitutional. This is definitely a step in the right direction; however, I’d rather have the entire “Pledge” trashed. However, there will always be sites like this one that, whilst trying to be serious, can be quite hilarious. Consider:

This unbelievable and absurd ruling is yet another salvo from activist judges more interested in making their own law rather than following the Constitution.

Pot to kettle: “You’re black!” So kids, respecting the First Amendment is making your own law whether you like it or not, you dirty liberal commie activist judge!

Moving on, I’ll briefly remind everyone that the 10 Commandments are certainly not the legal foundation of America; if you believe this you are either really stupid or brainwashed. If this were true, we wouldn’t have Freedom of Religion.

Next up: “Intelligent Design”, which evolved form an earlier species, Creationism. The irony is delicious. ID should be taught in schools as an example of pseudo-science and Argument from Ignorance but not as real science or biology.

I shouldn’t have to feel like a second-class citizen because I don’t believe in your god.