God in America Wednesday, Sep 28 2005 

Over at God is for Suckers Sean points me to an article that provides some good reasons as to why we shouldn’t base our decisions off of what the Bible says (such as what our president is doing with banning same-sex marriage). I’d like to elaborate on the letter in a quasi-rant about Christianity in America.

Recently, the Pledge of Allegiance (a Nazi-esque state-sponsored indoctrination ritual) was ruled unconstitutional. This is definitely a step in the right direction; however, I’d rather have the entire “Pledge” trashed. However, there will always be sites like this one that, whilst trying to be serious, can be quite hilarious. Consider:

This unbelievable and absurd ruling is yet another salvo from activist judges more interested in making their own law rather than following the Constitution.

Pot to kettle: “You’re black!” So kids, respecting the First Amendment is making your own law whether you like it or not, you dirty liberal commie activist judge!

Moving on, I’ll briefly remind everyone that the 10 Commandments are certainly not the legal foundation of America; if you believe this you are either really stupid or brainwashed. If this were true, we wouldn’t have Freedom of Religion.

Next up: “Intelligent Design”, which evolved form an earlier species, Creationism. The irony is delicious. ID should be taught in schools as an example of pseudo-science and Argument from Ignorance but not as real science or biology.

I shouldn’t have to feel like a second-class citizen because I don’t believe in your god.


Recording Session this Weekend Wednesday, Sep 28 2005 

I’m hoping to get some recording done on the weekend. I hope this time will fare better than the last time.

You see, last time, I moved my whole computer downstairs, randomly stuck a low-quality microphone over the piano, and it was awful. This time, it should be better. I’ll let you know it goes.

Update: So far, so good; I’ve recorded the basic piano for about 5 songs already. Much quicker than last time!

Admin Interface pr0n Monday, Sep 26 2005 

Ok, I promised some screenshots and boy do I have screenshots! First up is the dashboard.

Isn’t that pretty? Next up is the WYSIWYG editing interface.

That’s all for now.

Invite Giveaway Sunday, Sep 25 2005 

Ok, like most WordPress.com blogs, I’m holding an invite giveaway. Here’s how you can get a shiny new WP.com blog:

Give me a good reason why I should give you an invite and give me your favourite Elton John Song and/or Simpsons Episode. I like to put twists on normal contests.

Also, I’ll try to put up some screenshots of the new admin interface and WYSIWYG editor (which I thought I’d hate but I actually love!).

Update: UnSaviory wins (he had me at “I’m a slightly opinionated blabbermouth”). I may get more invites, and there are still other invite contests (see the comments of this post) so hang in there if you didn’t win!

Name Change Saturday, Sep 24 2005 

This blog was originally christened The Piano Man but I’m changing the name to Superlicious because…well, I like it!

The name comes from a corruption of the way I read the word supercilious. Plus, it’s catchy and more original than just ‘The Piano Man’. The URL stays the same, though. It’s easier and more usable. Plus, need I repeat the always-enduring wisdom of ‘Cool URIs don’t change’?

Let me know what you think. 

That’s Suprising! Saturday, Sep 24 2005 

Apparently, my school’s football team beat their rivals last night for the first time in 7 years. The score was 28-12 (compare with last year’s score of 0-34). Normally, I think high school football is stupid and supports violence and makes atheleticism appear mroe important than being smart, but I suppose this is still cause for celebration.

I don’t know what to say. w00t, I suppose.

FSM Bumper Sticker Spotted in SF Friday, Sep 23 2005 

I saw for the first time a car with a Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper sticker. Wow!

Bad Moon Rising Wednesday, Sep 21 2005 

I have a bad feeling about Hurricane Rita. A very bad one.

If you’re in the Gulf Coast, stay safe. 

A Note to Visitors Wednesday, Sep 21 2005 

If you were redirected here, this is my new permanent home. Don’t ask my what happened to dantecubed.com; I’ll explain later. This is where I’ll be trying to get in at least 3 posts a week about whatever I want.

Do enjoy it. 🙂 

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship Wednesday, Sep 21 2005 

You know, I have a feeling that this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and WordPress.com.

I left blogger a long time ago, now I’m giving WordPress.com a try. So far, so good.